Michael Yeadon Ph.D Former Vice-President & Chief Advisor Phizer:

                                        COVID HOAX





TRUTH with Robert F Kennedy Jr and David Martin of Plandemic II: Indoctornation

Please watch the following video: I'm with Mask




Public Health Amnesia

"Flu You Baker" protest in Boston, Mass

Constitutional Law Group Meeting Hardwick, VT Part I


Constitutional Law Group Meeting Hardwick, VT Part II

What's Really in the COVID-19 Vaccine? Humans 2.0


Interview by Andrew Kaufman with Dr Carrie Madej

Brave patriotic woman in Palm Beach serves entire County Board!

County Board Charged with Treason

This amazing and meticulously sourced documentary features Dr. Judy Mikovits revealing the disturbing truth behind the Covid-19 "Pandemic". This is part one of two parts.

Click below to watch:
Plandemic Part 1 (Official Re-Release)

In this stunning documentary, we see all of the background and vital information  regarding this Covid-19 "Plandemic", with sources and evidence. This is part two of two.

Click below to watch:


Below is the link to the Facebook full length video file of the "Breaking the Chains of Tyranny" conference from Saturday, August 15th in Snohomish, WA.

Hosted by House Church and Pastor DJ Rabe, featuring Sheriff Richard Mack and other freedom fighters seeking to restore our liberties through unified action.

Breaking the Chains of Tyranny Conference

Below is the link to the critically important video "The  Constitutional Sheriff".

Sheriff Richard Mack talks about the most important law enforcement officers, or "Peace Officers" in our nation - the Sheriffs.

In the introduction, some of the most important statements made by the narrator:

  • "A 'deep dive' into the Constitutional Sheriffs"
  • "We are standing up in a time when not a lot of other people are standing up"
  • "We have to remember our power"
  • "As Americans we have been misguided by our educational systems"
  • "We have been taught things that are inaccurate . . . about your system of government, common law, the power of the Sheriff, and many other things"

Click below to watch:


Below is a powerful and compelling speech by Sheriff Richard Mack during a video conference call. He describes the dark time this "Pandemic" is creating, and cautions us all about the danger of our government's current overreach of power.

This should be heard by every American.

Click below to listen:


Dr. David Martin

Dr. Martin is ...

In the video below, Dr David Martin Detailing Constitutional, and other Crimes by the CDC, Fauci, and Many Governors. 

Click on the video to watch.

Dave talks about his "weakness


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