As a man well learned in Constitutional law, I find myself unlawfully victimized by a corrupt system that ironically calls itself the justice system. I question myself:  “Am I the only one who sees the lawlessness and absolute criminal behavior being perpetrated by the very people who swore an oath to protect us from such criminality, am I the only one who is witnessing that America is under siege by an evil empire of psychopathic globalists hell-bent on world domination and the complete destruction of our free society?”

My question is , “where have all our heroes gone and whatever happened to land of the free, and home of the brave?” “Has common sense become DANGEROUS THINK?” While to follow blindly absurd orders without question is the new norm. Someone please pinch me. “Was American not built on common law?” The same common law that is derived on logic and reason for maximums and principals. Maximums being self-evident and truths that are without dispute and principals being a state of mind that always needs to be considered such as humility, honor, justice and mercy.

The Constitutions foundation is common sense and is genius because it combines these two maximums in harmony with principals in law that men of ordinary understanding do not need a BAR attorney to interpret and manipulate their true meaning to whatever suits their fancy of the day. A simple rule concerning the Constitutionality of any legislation, order, rule, mandate, or legal interpretation of the Constitution is to simply ask if the conclusion violates any of the unalienable rights and if it does in any way or any degree it is unquestionably null and void. It may not be acted upon or enforced. It does not get any simpler than that folks. Now let us consider before America allows tyranny to rule the day, please consider first the ultimate price which was paid in full by so many brave souls to provide us with the freedom we are now so willingly to give up without a fight and to just go along to get along.

Freedom was never free. The price was great, and the sacrifices were extremely high, but the blessings of freedom were and are to this very day still as priceless as they ever were. God is the Law Giver and Judge who gave us law of liberty via unalienable rights thereby making us free. Evil’s plan has never changed its goals. It continues to be corrupt seeking to defame and destroy all of God’s goodness and grace which God has laid out for us to discover and enjoy. God gave us His law so we may know and love Him and His justice. Nations who forgot God may completely perish. Nations who honor God and seek to follow His law may expect to receive His favor and protection. We the people need to seek God in His divine favor if we ever wish to break these chains of tyranny and oppression.

No God is No liberty. When we seek to know God, we will then know liberty. America was built on dangerous freedom and chose not to live in peaceful despotism and slavery. When We the People unite under the banner of freedom and justice for all, We the People will hold back the tides of tyranny. Together through education and Constitutional awareness, We the People shall restore our rights and our place as the masters over our public servants, charged with protecting the rights of the people of this great nation.

It was the dream of our founding fathers to become One Nation Under God Indivisible With Liberty And Justice For All. However, it has become agonizingly obvious that America without God is a nation of lawlessness and a lawless nation is not free to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We must become a holy nation and obey the laws of God and the laws of nature which are right, just, perfect and eternal. His law is written within the hearts of each and every man, woman and their offspring. Because God is the creator of all things God, will not allow a corrupt government to rule forever. God will judge justly on the earth and will punish lawless leaders and nations who violate His law of liberty. America must wake up and repent for following the false laws of greedy men and return to God’s path to freedom and prosperity or America and its founding dreams will perish forever. 

In God We Trust,

Rick Martin

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